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OLED Displays

OLED displays in the smartphone world

The rapid changes in mobile technology have revolutionized the way we experience our smartphones with the introduction of OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) displays. These modern screens offer an array of impressive benefits that elevate the quality of brightness, color reproduction, and energy efficiency to a higher level.

Unlike traditional screen technologies, OLED displays can completely turn off individual pixels to achieve a perfect black image. This results in high contrast, bringing even the smallest details to life and enhancing the viewing experience.

In addition, OLED screens produce vibrant and accurate colors thanks to the organic materials used in pixel construction. These colors pop off the screen, making images and videos look more natural. The organic composition of OLED pixels also makes them flexible, allowing manufacturers to produce thin, light, and even curved screens. This opens the door to innovative designs, such as curved screen edges and foldable smartphones.

Smartphone components and quality

Smartphones are technological wonders that rely on a complex composition of high-quality components to meet the demands of today's users. To understand the different qualities, it is essential for consumers and professionals in the mobile world to have knowledge about them. Below is an overview of some common terms related to the quality of smartphone screens.

Quality description

These products are 100% original. They are produced by the official manufacturer and meet the standards and quality requirements of that brand.

Pulled parts are original components removed from used or returned devices. Generally, these parts are of good quality and are categorized into different classes, such as A, B, and C. The A class is considered equivalent to a new product, and we exclusively supply A-class parts.

Full OEM parts are completely original components produced by the smartphone manufacturer or an authorized supplier. These parts are of the highest quality and are essentially identical to the parts used in the assembly of new devices.

Soft OLED screens, made of flexible plastic by third-party manufacturers, are more durable and better resistant to harsh usage conditions. They also fit better into the device's frame.

Enhanced OLED screens in terms of durability use a harder, more robust glass layer, resulting in a longer lifespan and more sturdiness. These screens are specifically designed by external manufacturers.

Refurbished parts are previously used components that have been reconditioned and reintroduced to the market. They are often thoroughly tested and restored to meet certain quality standards. Refurbished screens or parts can be an affordable alternative, but availability may be more limited than with new parts.

In-cell screens are a type of display technology where the touch-sensitive layer is integrated into the LCD screen. This results in thin, lightweight, and cost-effective displays. Although they may not offer the same image quality as some other screen technologies, they are popular due to their price. In-cell screens are produced by various screen manufacturers and technology companies.

Compatible parts are produced by a third party and are designed to function as replacements for original parts. It is important to realize that not all compatible products offer the same quality. Some are nearly identical to the original, while others may perform less well. We have carefully selected and only sell the best compatible products, ensuring the highest quality and performance for our customers.

The quality of lithium cells largely determines the battery's performance. AMHigh replacement batteries use only the best lithium cells, resulting in a capacity of 100%. This is much higher than the capacity of standard batteries. The lifespan of AMHigh batteries is therefore much higher than that of a standard battery.

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