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Working at EMC

Together for Success

At EMC, we strive for success every day. With an extensive range of products, expert advice, and a flexible approach, we provide our customers with all the tools they need to make their business a success. This not only energizes us but also makes our own company successful – a satisfied customer is a returning customer. Keep reading to learn how you can contribute to our mission.

Working in a Warm Family Atmosphere

EMC is a genuine family business, started by a father and his sons. Since then, we have grown significantly, but a true family atmosphere still prevails where everyone feels at home. The team is diverse and now consists of 15 people. Within the team, everyone has a distinct role and expertise. Additionally, everyone plays a part in the company: if someone has an idea for a change or improvement, there's a good chance we will implement it.

Learning and Development

At EMC, you have ample opportunities to learn and grow. When you work for a leading supplier of smartphone parts and accessories, you effortlessly gain knowledge about the latest phones and gadgets. Moreover, with nearly 15 years of experience, we have a wealth of expertise that you can tap into limitlessly. And because we not only act as a wholesaler but also develop our own brands, you can gain a lot of experience in various aspects of international business. As an employee, you're free to choose your own path within our company.

But no matter which direction you choose, at EMC, you are always assured of a dynamic and innovative working environment where ambition and a relaxed atmosphere go hand in hand.

What Do You Get in Return?

Apart from the opportunity to develop yourself, at EMC, you receive a competitive, market-standard salary. Furthermore, we offer plenty of room for relaxation. We regularly organize enjoyable company outings and inspiring team-building activities.

Why Work at EMC?

  • A familial atmosphere within a multicultural team
  • An innovative and dynamic working field
  • Good compensation
  • Ample room for learning
  • Choose your own career path
  • Centrally located office in Rotterdam



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