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Rixus Powerbank 10000 mAh with 4 build in cables RXPB36 - White

Rixus Powerbank 10000 mAh with 4 build in cables RXPB36 - White
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Rixus Power Bank 10000 mAh with 4 build in cables RXPB36 – White

Model Number: RXPB36

EAN number: 8719831892273

SN Number: 20220326


·         Built-in Micro/Type-C/ Lightning output Cables+Built-in USB input Cable may charge your power bank or devices anytime you like. No need extra cable

·         Multiple output interfaces, suitable for a variety of using scenarios

·         Ergonomic design, comfortable grip

·         LED Digital power display, remaining power is clear to see

·         Ten protection measures for PCBA circuit make charging safe, stable and reliable

·         Small size, large capacity, 10000 mAh capacity battery

·         The shell is made of PC+ ABS fire-retardant material, which can cut off the fire source and reduce potential danger


Output 1: DC 5V = 2.1A

Output 2: DC 5V = 2.1aA

Rated Energy: 37Wh/3.7V

Battery Capacity: 10000 mAh

Rated Capacity: 6200mAh (5V/2.1A)

Lightning Micro or Type-C Input:

DC 5V = 2.1A

Color: White


Sortie 1 : 5 V CC = 2,1 A

Sortie 2 : 5 V CC = 2,1 aA

Énergie nominale : 37 Wh/3,7 V

Capacité de la batterie : 10000 mAh

Capacité nominale : 6200 mAh (5V/2,1A)

Entrée Lightning Micro ou Type-C :

DC 5 V = 2,1 A

Couleur: Blanc


Ausgang 1: DC 5V = 2,1A

Ausgang 2: DC 5V = 2,1aA

Nennenergie: 37 Wh/3,7 V

Batteriekapazität: 10000 mAh

Nennkapazität: 6200 mAh (5 V/2,1 A)

Lightning Micro- oder Typ-C-Eingang:

DC 5 V = 2,1 A

Farbe: Weiß


Uitgang 1: DC 5V = 2,1A

Uitgang 2: DC 5V = 2,1aA

Nominale energie: 37 Wh/3,7 V

Batterijcapaciteit: 10000 mAh

Nominale capaciteit: 6200mAh (5V/2.1A)

Lightning Micro- of Type-C-ingang:

DC 5V = 2,1A

Kleur: Wit


Salida 1: CC 5V = 2.1A

Salida 2: CC 5V = 2.1A

Energía nominal: 37Wh/3,7 V

Capacidad de la batería: 10000 mAh

Capacidad nominal: 6200 mAh (5 V/2,1 A)

Entrada Lightning Micro o Tipo-C:

DC 5V = 2.1A

Color: Blanco


Saída 1: DC 5V = 2,1A

Saída 2: DC 5V = 2,1aA

Energia nominal: 37Wh/3,7V

Capacidade da bateria: 10000 mAh

Capacidade nominal: 6200mAh (5V/2,1A)

Lightning Micro ou entrada tipo C:

DC 5V = 2,1A

Cor: Branco

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