Rixus is one of our in-house brand lines. Our international team designs and develops all products in-house to precisely meet the preferences of our customers (and their customers). This enables us to quickly respond to the latest trends and developments with Rixus. During the production process abroad, we have a team of inspectors who ensure quality control. This allows us to guarantee quality while offering competitive prices.

Rixus has been active since early 2021 but has already firmly established itself as a leading and innovative brand in electronics and accessories, offering a wide range of products. Rixus creates high-quality accessories for smartphones, tablets, and laptops to keep your customers connected. With our extensive experience, we have developed a comprehensive product line covering various categories such as protection, charging, audio, sports, and more. The Rixus range continues to expand, responding directly to trends and developments. With the Rixus product line, you can stay ahead in your store and meet the changing needs of your customers.

Our team abroad plays a significant role in the success of Rixus. Familiar with the local culture, they can negotiate better prices and make agreements with suppliers more easily than outsiders. Rixus has quickly become one of the leading players in smartphone accessories, and we continue to strive for the very best every day. Our goal is to always stay one step ahead of customer preferences and offer the right products at the right time.